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The Belongful Community

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Are you building an audience, or a community?

The word “community” has been through a lot. For a while now, companies have been using the word—or, ick, even more invasive words like “family” or “tribe”—to describe a variety of audiences, only a fraction of which might be accurately described as a true community.

Indeed, no one owns the definition of what a true community is. Words get co-oped from time to time. 

Anytime a term is co-opted, an opportunity emerges. Inevitably, a lot of companies will put in the minimum effort necessary to be able to say they are hip to the latest trend. They will copy what others are doing without examining the roots of what’s driving the shift that caused the trend to happen in the first place.

That’s where the opportunity lies. If you understand why community is important, now as much as ever, you will be set up well to create something that will be truly compelling to people. 

In other words, if you know what it takes to build a great community, it’s going to stand out from all the cheap imitations. 

The first portion of this book is focused on helping you understand what community is really about and how to cultivate it in a way that is compelling and sustainable.

The second portion focuses on the key techniques that reinforce this approach.

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The Belongful Community

0 ratings