Coworking Business Model & Fundraising Workshop

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Working on building a coworking space? Great! Let's make sure you get on the right track!

I've distilled my 12+ years of experience running coworking spaces and teaching thousands of others into the most succinct, effective approach possible.

What's included

This series of lectures and printable worksheets will give you everything you need to better understand:

  • The sustainable business models (there are probably more than you think!)
  • How to identify all the potential supporters who can help you
  • How to build a support network to help you finance and build your space

And so much more. Follow everything in this course and you'll be well on your way to opening a thriving space that's built to last!

Sustainable models

When it comes to sustainable models for coworking, you may have more options than you realize—let's talk about the wide variety of options you have, because you might be able to save a lot of time and money!

Identifying potential supporters

Building a coworking space involves recruiting the support of a wide variety of people, including: 

  • Financial supporters
  • Customers
  • Service providers (legal, finance, construction, buildout, IT, supplies and more)
  • A landlord
  • Strategic partners

...and many more.

Nobody builds a successful space in a vacuum.

Even if you are starting totally from scratch—with no money and few personal connections—this lecture will show you how to build up the support system you'll need to get your space open.

This is a pragmatic, gradual, iterative approach. When you follow it, you'll be continually building up your capacity to take the next step towards opening your space—or learning why you might need to hold until the circumstances align. 

Securing supporters & building a support network

Now that you know all of the great ways you might find people who can help you, let's go get ahold of them and bring them on board!

This lecture walks you through an incredibly simple, accessible strategy for recruiting prospective supporters and building your network.

Follow this sequence well and you'll have access to no shortage of prospective customers, collaborators, financial supporters, and more!

Also consider

As a supplement to these materials, you can also purchase the Coworking Business Model Planning Kit, which includes a premium spreadsheet with formulas that make it easy for you to estimate profit and loss. You can also purchase a full Coworking Toolkit with an extensive set of tools and resources for running your space. 

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Video lecture: The sustainable coworking models
41 minutes
Video lecture: How to find potential supporters
31 minutes
Video lecture: How to build interest and support
30 minutes
Worksheet: Determining needs
Worksheet: Finding members in existing communities
Slides: The sustainable coworking models
Slides: How to find potential supporters
Slides: How to build interest and support
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Coworking Business Model & Fundraising Workshop

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