The Zoom Burnout Rescue Guide

Tony Bacigalupo
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When COVID hit, so many of us jumped into action. "We can adapt to this! That meeting we used to do in person? Let's do it on Zoom!"

So, to Zoom we went. We did Zoom Happy Hours. We did Zoom Singalongs. We did Zoom Pun Competitions. We did Zoom Conferences.

Zoom everything, all the time.

Then, five minutes later, we burned out on Zoom.

It turns out, not everyone loves spending all day in video meetings.

Setting our selves and our home offices (AKA our kitchen tables) up to be on live video with other people can be stressful. Being on camera can be stressful. Sitting still and staring at a screen for hours at a time can be stressful. Trying to participate while also juggling young children is stressful. Plus... the pandemic is stressful!

Too many of us turned our attention back to trying to meet in person again—in many cases too soon to be able to do it safely. 

Some of us... just gave up trying.

You might be thinking: this is just how it is. We have to ride it out. Meeting online just can't compare to meeting in person.

I'm here to tell you that's only half right.

Meeting online isn't the same as meeting in person. If you do it right, it can be better.

The trick is to shift your mindset. Too many online meetings are just Zoom versions of offline meetings, but people's needs and constraints have changed. If you can step back and design gatherings that match what people are willing and able to participate in, you can create something more accessible and more compelling.

Learn how to foster meaningful connection in your next gathering

In this guide, I show you how to:

  • Assess the frequency of your existing meetings
  • Develop non-video alternatives to supplement video meetings
  • Easily facilitate quality relationships between participants
  • Get people talking about themselves
  • How to add a meaningful moment to your next meeting
  • How to teach people to be better listeners
  • Prompts for discussion

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Available on November 15, 2020 at 6:30 PM

The Zoom Burnout Rescue Guide

0 ratings
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